Being that I was used as a sounding board for the formula that is now the top-selling eye serum, I thought I was the only person who held the Elite Serum in such a high esteem.  Naturally, like all other eye creams that come across my desk to review, I did an extensive journal, blogging my experiences with the Elite Serum just like I do with all of the other anti aging and skin care products that I am introduced to and sent by large marketing companies.  I had a wonderfully positive experience with Elite Serum, and I used the web as a place to tell everyone about it. However, upon going through my mail, and looking around the web, I noticed that EVERYONE is talking about Elite Serum.

In my mailbox on my personal website,, I come across various success stories about the Elite Serum on a weekly basis.  Here are some excerpts from some recent pieces of mail sent it to me.

“Thanks to your articles I read on a health portal, I gave Elite Serum a try.  I noticed a great reduction of dark circles as well as a drastic change in my under eye bags.  Thanks for reviewing this product and I look forward to more of your articles about anti aging products.”

-Shelly Hanson, Rochester, Minnesota

“After reading a bizarre story you posted about a man using the Elite Serum to get rid of a scar, I tried this formula on a newly left scar that a tapeworm had instigated.  The serum worked to reduce the scar tissue into a fraction of what it once was.  When prescription medications wouldn’t treat this, the serum did.  Thanks for posting that story about this magical serum.”

-Derek Link, Gainesville, Florida

Not only are the everyday consumers raving about Elite Serum, but product review specialists such as myself have more than highlighted the numerous benefits that the Elite Serum brings to the table with it’s exclusive formula which contains superstar ingredients such as Haloyxl, Eyeliss, and Argirelene.  One skin care product reviewer, Monica, a self-described “Skin Care Diva,” also agrees that the Elite Serum is the best under eye treatment on the market.  If you visit her website,, you will see that several of her consumers leave comments stating the same opinion on this revolutionary eye serum.

So, why is everybody talking about Elite Serum?

Well, I’d have to say that everybody is talking about Elite Serum because it WORKS.  No other eye serum has used the amount of high-powered, laboratory-tested ingredients while adding powerful antioxidant rich ingredients in the same formula. It’s safe to say that the best eye serum on the market is Elite Serum.

For the loyal readers, I have also found a discount code for Elite Serum.  Just enter “save10” at checkout to get a $10 discount off your order of Elite.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging author and regular contributor to  You can also see her work on and, as well as many other health & wellness portals.