When you meet someone, regardless of whom it may be, the first thing you do is make eye contact. Seeing their eyes gives you an overall impression of the other person. If your eyelids are sagging or have wrinkles, it may be noticeable to those who have close communications with you. This happens as you age, or it may occur in some just naturally. The medical term for eyelid lift is blepharoplasty and it is not too common in our society, but many people do consider it as an option to make changes to their appearance. Depending on what you need changed; the eyelid surgery could be done on the bottom or top eye lid.

There are a few types of eyelid surgeries that can be carried out, but again, it depends on what you want as the final result. The first type of eyelid surgery is known as transconjunctival blepharoplasty. Transconjuctival blepharoplasty or lower eyelid blepharoplasty is for those patients who have bags or puffiness under the eyes. It is useful in removing the excess fat of the lower eyelid. This procedure is performed by making a small incision inside the eyelid which leaves no visible external scars. This technique may sometimes be combined with several other techniques depending on the amount of skin excess, wrinkles and line of the lower eyelids and laxity of the lower eyelid.

The other type of surgery is known as double eyelid surgery, sometime referred as Asian blepharoplasty, which creates a natural crease in the eyelid that appears when the eyes are open, but not when they are closed.

eyelid surgery

eyelid surgery

With the use of an eyelid lift, you will really be able to change the facial expression of your face. Some people have eyelids that really give a bad impression of them, and this surgery can help turn that around. For some, the sagging eyelid may cause blurry vision, and this procedure may be what they need, in order to start seeing clearly again. Pricing for an eyelid lift will vary between the various cosmetic surgeons, so it is important to get a quote from various doctors. A cosmetic procedure such as this one will not be covered by your medical insurance, so everything would have to be out of pocket. The pricing will include all the medications that will be given to you.

You should be considered as a good candidate for eyelid surgery before the surgeon will even consider you. A good candidate is someone who is in good health, no any chronic diseases, blood disorders etc. The recovery period after the eyelid surgery will vary from individuals to individuals, but the average time is about six to eight weeks. For a week, following the surgery, you should not look at direct light. Doctors recommend that patients wear an eye patch or dark sunglasses. Additionally, no physical work should be done for a week, as you don’t want to pull any nerves. Contacts should be avoided for the same period of time.

So, if you’ve got fat skin, loose skin or sagging skin over your eyes; this may be the right type of cosmetic procedure for you. Again, you should consider speaking with your medical professional and surgeon before making the final decision to go through with the surgery. Consider all the possible benefits of eyelid surgery and see if it is something you would like to go through with.