Even skin care experts have differentiating opinions on what the best wrinkle cream should contain.  Keeping this in mind, how should the average consumer look at wrinkle creams?

If we look at what the scientists have to say about the subject, there are a few ingredients they seem to agree on.  Right now we are seeing many wrinkle cream formulas using antioxidant rich ingredients.  Thus far, the results have been positive.

That research supports an idea that natural fruit extract, such as the acai berry, is a positively influencing ingredeint in any anti wrinkle formula.  People look youthful, because they are well-nourished and their skin is healthy. People look older, because their skin’s health starts to lack these natural ingredients.

Our facial skin is the outermost organ of the human body. It is damaged by elements such as cold, wind, and of course, the sun.  The skin takes a beating over the course of our long lives.

The molecular damage that causes aging throughout the body becomes visible, on the outside, often when a person is still very young.   However, if we start to use the best wrinkle cream for the face, we can undo those visible signs of aging, in just a few months.

After six weeks of using a topical ointment containing coenzyme Q10, volunteers’ faces were less wrinkled, less rough and better hydrated. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant, which means that it neutralizes free radical molecules, one of the biggest causes of cellular aging.

After only three days of using a compound called Functional Keratin, researchers measured as much as 160% increase in the proliferation of new skin cells. Decreased production of skin cells normally accompanies the aging process. So, the oldest volunteers, with the most damage, saw the best results.

Judging by these research studies, the best wrinkle cream for the face should contain Functional Keratin and Coenzyme Q10. What about other ingredients?

Keratin is a protein and coenzyme Q10 is something like a vitamin. They must be mixed with other lotion ingredients in other to be applied to the skin. They must also be properly formulated in order to penetrate the skin’s layers, but that’s another story.

After the research came out, lots of companies began adding coenzyme Q10 and Functional Keratin to their formulas, but what they should have done is change their formula. Practically all cosmetic manufacturers use petrolatum or mineral oil as base creams for active ingredients.

The best anti wrinkle cream for the face does not contain either of those compounds, because they work against you. Learn more about the latest research, before you buy.