Cavities are one of the worst things that could happen to your teeth. If you don’t take good care of your teeth from an early age; it could cause some very harmful effects. You’ll have to deal with the pain that tooth decay give you, treatment, the costs involved and all those days off work. For kids, cavities are more commonly noticed before they enter their teenage years. In terms of keeping your teeth in good dental health, you need to follow some of the tips we are going to be talking about in order to  avoid tooth decay in children. As parents, you might also want to make sure that your kids are following these tips.

Tip #1 – Just like you maintain your hair and skin, your teeth need to be taken care of as well. Follow a good dental hygiene routine, where you brush a minimum of two times a day. It is actually recommended by dentists to brush and floss in-between meals as well. When you are able to take good care of your teeth, you will be able to avoid tooth cavities and tooth decay, which all arise from the creation of plaque. Additionally, you should be using a proper toothbrush and toothpaste. The toothpaste should have fluoride, which is the single most effective ingredient that helps remove plaque from your teeth.

Tip #2 – There are dental shields that you can use on your teeth, so that you can avoid the formation of plaque. The bacteria in your mouth will always be interactive with food particles, so you could use dental sealants on the biting surface of each tooth. If you are interested in getting sealants for your teeth, you should talk to your dentist, as there is a small treatment that goes along with it.

Tip #3 – The types of food you eat makes a huge difference on the health of your teeth, so always eat nutritious foods. Fruits and vegetables have a considerable level of natural ingredients, so it not only is beneficial for your health but for your dental health as well. Calcium is a well known addition for the growth of strong teeth, so make sure to have enough milk each and every day. You could also eat other calcium rich foods such as cheese, which is also made from milk.

Tip #4 – One of the reasons why tooth decay and cavities come about is because of the formation of plaque. If you can fully avoid the creation of plaque; you would be able to prevent cavities. When your mouth is dry, plaque formation is expected to take affect at a much faster rate. To ensure that plaque does not start to form, you should always keep your mouth fresh with liquids such as water. If you don’t want to be drinking water every few hours, you should think about chewing sugarless gum.

Lastly, you should take some time out of your day to visit the dentist every six months. I know you may be thinking that there is nothing wrong with your teeth, but not all dental changes are visible. Going through routine checkups is beneficial for your own health, so try to be on the safe side.