Syringoma are harmless small skin-colored or yellowish, firm rounded dermal papules or cyst which are multiple and smaller then 3 mm in diameter. They usually starts in young age and sometimes other family members may also have been affected, but family history is rare. They are more common in women then men. Although most of the lesions are limited to the upper parts of the cheeks and lower eyelids, other common sites include the armpits, abdomen, upper chest, penis, and vulva. Although they are harmless lesions, most of the people wants syringoma removal for cosmetic reason.

Clinically, syringoma are often confused with milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, lichen planus, eruptive xanthoma, urticaria pigmentosa, or  acne vulgaris or even basal cell skin cancer. So definitive diagnosis is needed with histological examination of the lesion. The characteristic appeareance of skin biopsy under a microscope is used to diagnose it.

Treatment of Syringoma is for cosmetic purpose only as these lesion do not harm. But syringomas of the eyelids and cheeks are often frustrating. Most of the literature suggests using carbon dioxide laser for syringoma removal. But no comparative studies and no long-term follow-up studies are available on which to base definitive recommendations for treatment.  Some other  treatment options includes  Surgical excision with  suturing, dermabrasion, electrocautery , Electrodesiccation and curettage, cryosurgery, chemical peeling and oral and topical retinoids. But none of this methods are 100% satisfactory.

There are some reports of successful treatment with carbon dioxide laser for facial syringomas. A  report on dermatology online journal suggests the use of topical atropine to alleviate the pruritus in symptomatic eruptive syringoma. Unfortunately, there is no any standard treatment for widespread syringomas and all surgical treatments might result in scarring. There are many Over the counter medications sold on net that claims to remove syringoma but many unsuccessful results with scar formations are reported so be sure to use at your own risk. As these are harmless lesions so they can be just left if it doesn’t cause you worries.

There are no any proven home remedies for syringoma they have to be treated with special medical procedure so consult your dermatologist before trying to treat yourself. It can also be another disorder resembling like syringoma and may be associated with systemic problems.

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