Nowadays a large number of people are suffering from the major hair loss problem called alopecia. The androgen tic alopecia is the most common type of alopecia in which the active androgen has harmful effects on the hair follicles that damage the hair.

The two proven FDA-approved drugs to cure hair loss are-


This drug is a very powerful peripheral vasodilator that acts directly which reduces the peripheral resistance as well as lowers the blood pressure. So it was basically invented to produce an anti-hypertensive agent. Then later on it was discovered that these pills has a side effect to increase the body hair thus it prevents the hair loss enhance the growth of hair. It can be used both by men and women.


It is the FDA-approved pill that is to be taken once in a day that treats mild to moderate hair loss among men on the top of the head and in the middle front of head

Hair loss treatment for men

Propecia is the best medication for hair loss in men. In this treatment hair count increases in the first twelve months but get maintained with in 24 months. Propecia is generally referred as Finasteride. It is helpful in curing DHT that effect mostly men due to the transfer of genes from the parents that make the DHT react with the enzymes present in the scalp region which causes the hair to fall and slowly leads to complete baldness.

Propocia is available in a form of liquid that is applied in the balding areas in the scalp of the head. This solution must be applied two times in a day for better results.

Women should not apply Propecia if they are pregnant that can create certain abnormalities in the sex organs of the male baby.

Propecia is also FDA approved. But it also has some side effects such as itching or rashes.

Propecia is available in different brands with different strengths that can also be bought online.

Hair Loss among Women

Some essential ingredients to be included in hair loss treatments for female are-.

  1. Biotin is a very important nutrient that is necessary for body as it helps to grow skin, hair as well as nails.
  2. Magnesium is the other required ingredient that is the important supplement in the treatment.
  3. Last but not the least is horsetail that contains amino acids which are helpful to stimulate hair growth.