The herbal hair loss treatment can be defined as the treatment that makes use of herbs that are available in nature and some medicines to cure the hair loss among people.

The different effective herbal treatments to cure hair loss

    • Ayurveda is the Indian medicine that is mainly used in this process of curing hair loss. The main hair loss disease called alopecia is cured with the usage of ayurveda. This treatment is referred as sirodhara that affects with a medicated oil or milk.
    • Some oils that are extracted from the natural plants are also fruitful for this purpose that may be coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.
    • The Wild yam is a natural substance that helps in the synthesis of a hormone for the growth of hair which is needed by the hair follicles.
    • Saw palmetto is another natural product that is also called Seranoa repens. It is mainly preferred by the men for the hair loss treatment as it has the capability to protect prostate that encourage growth of hair. It blocks the five alpha reeducates that stops the hair loss. A capsule of 160mg is advised two times a day.
    • Stinging nettle is also a useful natural substance that is also referred as the Urtica diocia that has minerals and lipids which is helpful in blocking the conversion process of testosterone in DHT. A recommended dose is a capsule of 50-100mg in a day. It can be more effective if it is combined with saw palmetto and pygeum.
    • Wolfberry fruit is also a supplement to cure hair loss.
    • A herb called Ginkyo biloba helps in increasing the flow of the blood in brain that basically increases the supply of the nutrient to the hair follicles that helps in stimulating the hormone. It also increases the blood circulation in the skin. The dose of 120-160mg of the dry extract is advised.
    • Green tea is also known as the Camellia sinesis which contains catechins which are the antioxidants that also inhibit the enzyme production that converts the testosterone into DHT that is unfriendly to hair. You can drink few cups of green tea in a day.
    • Pygeum is another natural herb that is extracted from the evergreen plant. It prevents the problem of baldness among the men. It is advised to take 50-500mg of this herb in a day.
    • There are some Chinese herbs also that prevent the loss of hair that may be a herb called Dong Quai that contains phytoestrogens which lowers the production of DHT or He Shou Wu that is also called Fo-Ti.

Some precautions to be taken while having these treatments-

    1. Such treatments should be given in a natural environment that must be rich in climate.
    2. The usage of alcohol is prohibited while having any of these medicines.
    3. Avoid taking stress that can be done by a massage.
    4. Eat healthy vegetables such as spinach and other iron and protein rich fruits and vegetables.