Learning about the ingredients that are used in skin care products to reduce the appearance of aging from the origin of the cells, through the DNA, can be an effective way to increase the appearance of youthful skin. Learning about the ingredients helps the consumer to make an informed decision about the products that are going to be applied to the skin.

Since telomeres can contribute to the aged appearance of the skin as begin to near the end of their life cycle, at the end of fifty replications of the DNA within the skin cells – the skin can begin to appear aged. With every replication of the DNA, the telomeres becoming shorter and shorter, eventually leading the degradation of the cell leaving the DNA unable to replicate and therefore leading to the aged appearance within the body and the skin.

Some of the common products used to increase the life span of telomeres through the skin, reducing the signs of aging, include a popular telomere increasing treatment, TA-65.

TA-65 is created from extracts that are taken from astragalus, a Chinese herb. The extract comes with a wide variety of history, as it has been used for more than one thousand years as a medicinal aspect of traditional Chinese medicine.  Through extensive research that has been completed, astragalus has been effective in stopping the telomeres from shortening, reducing the appearance of aging as researchers are hopeful to stop the aging process.

Through a concentrated and purified amount that is used through topical creams applied to the skin as well as through supplements, astragalus is used in small amounts to turn on ‘telomerase’ that can be an effective way to lengthen the life span of telomeres, reducing the signs of aging through the body and the skin.

Interestingly enough, telomerase is similar to components that are found in cancer cells, allowing the cancer cells to divide and divide, multiple times, without the telomeres within the cell becoming shortened and aging and therefore eventually resulting in cell death. As well as being found in cancer cells, the cells are commonly found in the cells that comprise both the sperm and the egg within the body.

Treatments that are becoming available that can increase the life span of the telomeres within the cells are costly – and can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars for one year of treatment. Taking part in these treatments can be an effective way to reduce the shortening of the telomeres within the cell and many people believe that it is not only a way to reduce the signs of aging throughout the skin, but throughout all of the organs and cells in the body, giving the body a greater amount of time to appear younger, potentially increasing the life span.