A supernumerary nipple is a common congenital malformation where an additional nipple formation occurs in addition to normal two nipples. They may usually be mistaken for moles, as they are small and not well formed. They are common in both men and women and they are harmless. They are birth related defects and doesn’t develop in later life. Some study suggest that they tend to run in families.

Supernumerary Nipple is often not cared during infancy or neonatal periods. As they tends to be very small. People usually notice during their adolescence when hormonal changes occurs and during menstruation or pregnancy. Most often they occurs as single, if two or more are present, they may be distributed unilaterally or bilaterally with or without symmetry. In many cases they develop below the regular nipple, in few cases they may develop above. Research showed less then 5% of cases with Supernumerary Nipple on back, shoulder and face, neck or vulva and perineum. For many girls may not noticed as they may be hidden below the regular breast.

Treatment for Supernumerary Nipple is not usually required as they are harmless, but for cosmetic purpose if it feels embarrassing then it can be removed surgically. If it is seen early in infancy or neonatal period, it is suggested to wait till he\she reaches puberty rather then going for surgery, sometimes it can be less visible later. But if there is any changes in color or size you have to inform to your doctor immediately. Sometimes they may grow as a regular nipple or breast. In few cases could be associated with melamona, carcinoma, fibroadenoma, or Paget disease.

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