Are you the one who like to have that sun-kissed skin, without being exposed to harmful ultraviolet radiation? Well, there is a solution for you and its sunless tanning, probably a safe alternative to sunbathing. There are many sunless tanning products available in the market, these ranges from sunless tanning creams, lotions, sprays, powders and pills. The most effective of them are sunless tanning lotions and sunless tanning sprays.

While there may be several ingredients in sunless tanning lotions, the most effective sunless tanning lotions are those containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA, when applied to skin interact with the dead cells in the outermost layer of our skin and darkens the skin temporarily. Result can be seen within an hour of application and the full tan result can be seen after 8-24 hrs, but it may depend on one’s complexion.

The tan effect from sunless tanning lotions may usually last about a week and will gradually fade off. As our outer layer of skin is completely replaced after 30-45 days, the tan from your sunless tanning lotion will completely go away. So it is necessary to reapply the product every few days or a week to maintain your tan.

Are sunless tanning lotions safe?
Sunless tanning lotions are usually safe and considered as a good alternative to sunbathing if used as directed. But you should remember; although these sunless tanning lotions gives you a good result without exposing to harmful UV radiation, most of the sunless tanning lotions does not contain sunscreen so, they do not protect you from the UV radiation. One should always apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.

What are the best sunless tanning lotions?
According to the 5 best selling sunless tanning lotions are:

  1. Banana Boat Sunless Summer Color Self Tanning Lotion, Deep Dark Price: SALE: $6.69
  2. Coppertone Sunless Tanning Gradual Tan Moisturizing Lotion: Price: SALE: $7.99
  3. Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning, Sunless Spray, Deep Price: SALE: $9.99
  4. Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Creme Sunless Tanning, Medium Price: SALE: $7.99
  5. Neutrogena Build-a-Tan Price: SALE: $9.99

None of these sunless tanning lotions contains sunscreen, so always use sunscreen when you are out in the sun. These Sunless tanning lotions can give you an even and natural looking tan if you apply them correctly and carefully. Follow the directions given in your product.