Summer is the season of high temperature and hot breeze and it is the reason one face many skin problems. We need to take special care to protect our children skin during summer. Here are few tips for children during summer.

1) Cleansing: clean skin is healthy skin, so we should shower twice a day to get rid of dirt, oils, sweats and pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungus over the skin. Should wash hands and face frequently.

2) Choose Hypo-allergic products: We should always use products with no dyes, fragrances causing less skin irritation to the child.

3) Moisturizing: After bathing do not forget to moisturize your skin liberally with moisturizer containing ceramides. This help lock the moisture in the skin which acts as protective barrier to protect skin against harmful substances and pathogens.

4) Dry body folds: After shower dry the body folds properly and apply anti fungal powder like clotrimazole.

5) Use loose, light colored pure cotton clothes:  Do not wear dark colored , tight, synthetic clothes because they tend to absorb heat increasing body temperature resulting in excessive sweating and heat rash, fungus growth and bacteria colonization.

6) Use sunscreen and other protective measures while going outside: Children below 2 years should less frequently be exposed to external environment both during day and night time because their skin barrier function is very weak and more prone to allergy and infection. Children above 2 years should always wear calamine lotion or sunscreen of 25-30 spf (physical sun block) while out in sun because early sun damage is prone to causing skin cancer later on. Children should be encouraged to wear full sleeve clothes or insect repellent with going out to play or in bushes to protect from stings of insects and mosquito causing malaria and dengue.

7) Always use mosquito nets while sleeping, umbrella, sunglasses, caps and sunscreen while out in sun to protect form sun damage and allergy.

8) Drink a lot of water:  Children should be encouraged to drink lots of water about 8-10 glasses/day. Avoid consuming aerated drink like tea, coffee, coke, fanta. In summer our skin tends to get dehydrated by excessive sweating and dry skin is prone to allergy, infection and wrinkles.

9) Avoid junk foods: Junks foods like chocolates, cookies, cakes, chips, ice-creams should be avoided. Healthy food habits should be developed which includes green vegetables, fruits. Smoking and drinking is very bad for health as well as skin.

10) Exercise: Exercise helps to increase blood circulation in skin and other parts of body. This leads to healthy and glowing skin and body.

11) Taking simple precautions and measures can help you and your child enjoy the summer  in the safer environment. In case of any skin problem consult a skin doctor as soon as possible.