Hi, Should I use skin care products of the same brand or can I mix and match?

This is one of the most common questions asked by women but never answered adequately.

The idea that one should use skin care products from the same brand comes from the fact that the products would work synergistically together and produce efficient outcomes. The products would enhance the efficiency of one another and deliver maximum benefits to the skin because they are form the same manufacturer. Makes Sense? Maybe.

Your skin care regimen should include products that work for you and not necessarily play loyalist to some skin care brand. Having skin care products of the same brand only makes sense if they perform well. It’s no use at all to use products form the same skin care line if they don’t work for your individual skin. Here are some points to consider while shopping for your skin care products.

Buy What is Best For You!

Rather than just going for the brand name skin care products, determine how well they work on your skin. Bbuying all the products from the same brand is fine… but there can be other products that might work better or available at a cheaper price. Do your research and buy the ones that best suit you. In other words, know your skin!

Keep a Note of Active Ingredients

Mixing and matching skin care products of different brands is not a bad ideabut don’t forget to be aware of their active ingredients. If you are using ingredients like Retinol or glycolic acids, its best to stick to a particular skin care line. This is because they are designed to work in combination with one another.

Check the pH Balance of the Products

Using skin care products from different lines might result manyin ingredients that are not designed to work together. This can lead to reactions because different products have different pH balance. It can wreck havoc on the skin especially so sensitive skin.

So, basically it’s up to you to do a little bit of research and choose skin care products that really work for you. Keep on reading the blog and keep on learning more about your skin. That is the sure way to know what products to buy. Good luck!