Resveratrol is among the most discussed miracle workers in the anti aging niche today, and it’s backed by a lot of supporters.  Resveratrol is among the most potent anti-oxidants on the planet, and it’s getting medical opinions from many specialists, including Dr. Oz.  They are agreeing that resveratrol is here to stay, and a key reason why people are living longer, and living healthier.

As resveratrol has become a more mainstream product, it’s been used in many different types of weight loss and skin care products.  Weight loss products seemed to scratch the surface first, but one company pioneered the skin care industry by making the bold move of inserting resveratrol extract into it’s Elite line of skin care supplments.

Elite Skin is a company that manufactures products in the USA, under strict health code guidelines and according to FDA standards, in a high-profile facility in Miami, Florida.  Elite Skin’s flagship product is the Elite Serum, a popular under eye serum that has been getting rave reviews online and has many people extremely pleased with it’s ability to eliminate dark circles and provide an overall rejuvenation to the delicate skin around the eyes.

While resveratrol has been hyped in many weight loss products, this is among the only skin care products to use the dynamic ingredient in an anti aging formula.

Along with three high profile, scientific ingredients imported from a company in France, the Elite Serum is a cutting edge eye serum that not only includes resveratrol for it’s antioxidant power, but also the much-discussed acai berry extract.  This eye serum not only helps with many of the skin irritations that come with aging, but it also is a leader at providing antioxidant protection.  Antioxidants are important to any anti-aging skin care routine because they help prevent free radical damage.

Free radicals are the elements that our skin unfortunately is exposed to on a constant basis – pollution, dirt, secondhand smoke are just a few of the many free radicals that are out there.  Free radicals can cause skin cells to mutate and even slow down cellular growth.  But, antioxidants are a super-protector, which allow the skin to function properly.  With Resveratrol and acai berry extract as two of the primary ingredients, Elite Serum has added an ample amount of protection into it’s best-selling eye serum.

Most skin care guru’s suggest that you need regular use of antioxidants in order to promote healthy skin.  While there are a number of companies out there selling products with fruit extracts, no other eye serum is made with scientific core ingredients such as argirelene, eyeliss, and haloxyl.  When you couple those ingredients with the over-the-top antioxidant value of the acai berry and resveratrol, you have the makes of a high-tech formula that has been been the recipient of many solid eye cream reviews.

I suggest you take a look around the web, and try to find a good eye serum with the acai berry extract and resveratrol.  You may find a few, but for my money, there is nothing better than Elite Serum, which has those ingredients plus many, many more potent ingredients.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging author and regular contributor to and other skin care portals.