There are a few eye gels that are marketed quite heavily online that seem to be making consumers quite happy.  In the always-changing landscape of anti aging products, it’s a race to see who can have the most successful product line, with the most exclusive ingredient formulas.  There are many things you need to know before you set your heart on an eye gel.  Most importantly, you need to know – what is an eye gel?

Marketing companies have gotten very smart in recent years, and they are out of there to make money.  It’s important you keep their business acumen in mind before all else.  That said, most eye gels, like other eye care products, are designed to treat the following signs of aging:

  • dark circles under the eyes
  • eye bags
  • puffy eyes
  • eye wrinkles
  • crows feet
  • deep expression lines
  • sun spots

Now, how many other types of products have you seen marketed to do the exact same thing?  Chances are, you have seen a handful of them.  Some are called “eye creams,” and others are called the more medicinal-sounding term “eye serums.”  Now, if they all do the same thing, why would you need an eye gel, an eye cream, and an eye serum?  The answer, my friends, is that YOU DON’T.  You do not need all three products assuming they are aimed at curing the same things.

That said, throw the term “eye gel” out the window.  It sounds cool, clear, and fresh.  “Gel.”  It just sounds different.  “Cream” sounds like a daily moisturizer.  “Serum” sounds advanced, and perhaps thats why most consumers gravitate towards an eye serum when it’s all said and done.  An eye serum is just something that sounds like a product that works, while an eye cream sounds so general.  Gel is the red-headed step-child of anti aging creams, it just sounds so plain vanilla.

That said, here is some basic information you should keep in mind when you see the below products marketed as “gels.”

*24k Lifting gel by Oro Gold Cosmetics.  This is a great product for what it is, a “lifting eye gel.”  However, you need to know there is no therapeutic value in this product.  It will help the eyes tighten and lift, which will make them look more youthful.  It’s a great product to apply before those Friday night dinner parties, but you won’t see any long term affects from this eye gel.

*Oro Gold Bionic treatment Gel. This eye gel is actually a wrinkle-fighting product.  It’s a great wrinkle spot treatment that will hit wrinkles on contact, reducing them in size and circumference.  You can use this similar to an eye serum, but use it next to wherever you have wrinkles.  It’s a great thing to use in conjunction with a therapeutic eye serum and the best eye wrinkle cream you can find.

Now that you know that a gel is just a funky way to market an eye cream or an eye serum, you can use this information to your advantage.  I hope you found this informative, because many consumers are confused by the current marketing endeavors that smart companies set out to employ to make sales.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging expert who regularly contributes to