9aub591255574429If you are looking for an anti aging cream, I’d suggest you stay FAR AWAY from Prototype 37-C.  This company has red flags raised all around it’s marketing efforts, and I was recently alerted to a very deceitful practice they are employing that is getting them in a mountain of legal trouble.

It’s been pointed out to me that the company buys the domain names of many of it’s competitors, only they buy the .org extension.  What this does is essentially allow them to trick consumers of their product into clicking on the link, where the company bashes their competition.  Pretty bad ethics, right?

Let me show you an example…..

Visit EliteSerum.org.  You will see that this site is owned by a gentlemen named Chris Kuchin, who lives at the following address:

1565 North University Avenue #32

Provo, Utah



Now, take a long look at that site.  He uses obvious slander and deceit to BASH the Elite Serum.  Any0ne who knows about Elite Serum can attest to it’s ability to cure the many symptoms that go hand in hand with aging. The website ONLY promotes a product that Kuchin is obviously affiliated with or owns himself, the Prototype 37-C.  If you look up the information behind who owns Prototype37-c.com, you will see it’s none other than Chris Kuchin himself.

I was tipped off to this by people in the skin care industry, and I was told that the legal team of Elite Serum has found out that once before this Prototype37-C company was involved in legal action, last time involving another leading skin care company.

Upon doing some research into this Chris Kuchin character, we found out some interesting information.  He is a student at Bringham Young University, living at the Glenwood Apartments.

I urge everyone out there to avoid this scam operation entirely.  Do you really think a scamming college kid has the answer to getting rid of your dark circles, eye bags, and eye wrinkles?