Its Prom girls, the most awaited occasion a girl can ever dream off. It’s that occasion of the year where you can see young girls around the world buying prom outfits and setting up a night full of glamour and craziness. By using these five magical Beauty Tips you are all set to walk away on that dazzling red carpet and feel like a princess. For some fun and some enthralling experience go out with some friends before the big prom day and you can also take their advice to get the best look.
Beauty Tip 1
Just keep in mind that the most attractive star on red carpet or at the prom is not the one with the maximum makeup but the one who is natural yet look sexy. The best way to look natural and serene is to apply lightweight liquid foundation or a basic makeup which so ever suits your skin the best. You don’t want people to comment that wow! She is looking good with makeup but you want them to say that “You look Stunning!!!” Apply foundation evenly and gently over your whole face, but remember to mingle in well with your hairline and jaw line. If you see a line in your face where your makeup finishes and neckline starts then you have chosen an erroneous foundation. Its not the right foundation for you girl!  You need to have perfect skin on this big night.
Beauty Tip 2
Choose your makeup in accordance with dress. For black or bold colors go with some bold and glamorous makeup. Go for a smoky or a cat eye look. You can view it at to go for video instructions. Remember if you are using bold colors for your eye makeup then try to keep your lips as simple as it can be. Don’t go for bold colors for your eye and lips. Remember you want to look a prom queen and not a fool in front of people.
If you are going for pastel shades dresses then it calls for a more submissive face. Use sparkly beige or brown shadow and also a few coats of lengthening mascara will do and give your eyes a Natural look. Play up with your lips by using lustrous lip gloss in bright cherry or pink shade that suits your dress the most.
Beauty Tip 3
Create a lustrous complexion by using a highlighter or bronzer for a natural glowing skin. For a dark or medium skin tones then go for a bronzer otherwise for a fair skin tone girl apply a highlighter before going for the prom party.
Beauty Tip 4
Always go for a manicure before going to the Prom. Choose a medium length for your nails. And give them a dazzling look. French manicure can be good option for a glamorous look.
Beauty Tip 5
Prom night is a night to show the celebrity within you. Go for an updo for long hair or put in curls to usually straight short hair.

Enjoy your big night.  Knowing you are looking your best, and have great hair and skin regimens will help you enjoy this royal night.