If you are an anti-aging product consumer, you need to know a few things about ingredients. If you do not understand ingredients, where they come from, and what they do, you will have a hard time finding anti aging products that will work for you on a long-term, therapeutic level.  Today I am going to provide a brief overview of one popular ingredient called copper peptides.

As we age, our skin becomes wrinkled.  This is due to the improper distribution of collagen in the skin.  The theory which has been subject of many clinical tests remains:  if we get wrinkles due to loss of collagen, could a healing agent, such as copper peptides, repair wrinkles?  The answer is YES.  This is why copper peptides are used in many of the best anti-wrinkle cream formulas available today.

Peptides are defined as small protein fragments.  These small fragments have a natural liking to copper, and they normally bind together quite well.  When these two components meet up and join together, the resulting compound between copper and an atom is commonly known as a copper peptide.

It’s a complicated explanation, and I prefer not to get to a deep level of science on this explanation, but trust me, they work.  Here are some cliff notes on what positive effect copper peptides can have on your skin.

  • Copper Peptides can be used beneficially on your skin after a chemical peel.
  • Due to anti-inflammatory properties, copper peptides work well treating skin irritation.
  • Copper Peptides promote the degradation of large cross-linked collagen, which are found in scars and wrinkles.  This tidbit of information leads many experts to believe that copper peptides CAN cure wrinkles.

Copper peptides are used in many anti aging skin care products for the above reasons and many, many more.  The scientific studies show that copper peptides have a knack for treating skin in a proper manner.  Having the ability to improve the way we look and slow down and improve the many signs of aging that creep up on us as we age makes the copper peptide an ingredient that will be around for a long time.

If you are in the market for an anti wrinkle cream, eye cream, or eye serum, look for one that contains powerful copper peptides.  You can thank me later.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti-aging expert.  She writes on the topics of anti-aging constantly, and has many weekly portals she contributes to.