It is always better to make your own healing, nourishing and moisturizing cosmetics. The following nourishing cream with calendula and coconut oil is another perfect example on how you can take care for your skin from the comfort of your home using only natural ingredients. Many homemade cosmetics have even better properties and results from the branded products full of different chemicals and coloring agents. So, see how you can prepare this beneficial nourishing cream and how it can help your skin.

You do not need to be a chemist to make this homemade miracle. You can prepare really easy this light nourishing cream. You can find the needed ingredients in your local store. You are just going to need 100 ml calendula cream and 65 grams coconut oil. If you still wonder why you need that cream, then the answer is pretty simple. It will enable your skin to breath during the hot days. You also should remove from your purse all greasy creams that protected your skin from the cold and wind or which you use to form a base for foundation. So, you can’t find better option than the light organic nourishing cream that will cost you almost nothing compared to the expensive advertised creams.

How to prepare the nourishing cream with calendula and coconut oil?

First you need to use water bath to heat separately both ingredients. Once they are melted, you have to mix and stir them until you see a homogeneous mixture. Then just put that mixture into an old box of cream or whatever you have for that purpose. Leave the natural nourishing cream to cool off and it will preserve its beneficial properties for long period of time.



What exactly are the properties of the cream?

The calendula helps for the faster skin regeneration, smoothes roughness and helps for the disappearance of different scars like acne scars and etc. The yellow herb begins to bloom in early June to early autumn and therefore it is extremely affordable during the summer season.

Coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers that you can found. It is great antioxidant and will protect your skin from the summer heat and keeps it hydrated during the whole season. You can also use it to protect not only your skin, buy also and your hair. You just need it in your home and just find some more homemade recipes and take advantage of its fantastic power.

The nourishing cream with calendula and coconut oil is simple but effective tool against the dangerous weather conditions during the summer. Save your money and prepare it by yourself. That is the only way to be 100% sure that you use only organic ingredients on your skin.