In the never-ending quest to look good, feel good, and fight for longevity, many men are finding out there is much more to “being healthy” than racking weights and eating right.  Men are accustomed to spending countless hours in the gym to get the “ripped abs” or the “bulging biceps” they so often desire in life.  However, today’s man is finding a new part of the healthy living equation.  This comes in the form of skin care.  Men are now becoming more and more aware that skin care is something they need to pay attention to in order to look younger and appear healthier.

Men were a late addition to the skin care industry.  For years it was difficult to get men to even put spf on their body as they went golfing.  Then, as international borders were easier to cross and business trips led them to places like Miami and San Diego, men from up north found out the true meaning of the blazing sun and quickly realized there is a definite need for sun protection.  This was a start for men, as who wants to look like a fried lobster after playing a round of golf?

Another big push that led most men into buying skin care products was when metrosexuality came into play.  While a lot of men think of this term as a reference to gayness, it brought up many discussions among women and men began to realize that taking care of their skin was something women appreciate.  Most recently, there have been men’s skin care lines started that aim at treating the skin and making things simple.  No man wants to spend hours a day on their skin care regimen, but if something is easy, they will certainly pay attention to it and give it a shot.

As men are quite set in their ways, they don’t want to be told to change.  However, subtle hints usually work.  If you tell a man he will look sexy if he just pays attention to his under-eye area and applies the best under-eye cream each and every day, odds are he will follow suit and at least give it a try.  If it works and he feels a difference, he may even just stick with the program and keep using it.

Men can be picky, and man can be stubborn.  But, they will follow the ideas of women and start to buy things that will make them more appealing to women.  More men are doing botox than ever, and sales numbers are up in the skin care industry despite a down economy.  This is largely attributed to the buying that men have been doing over recent years.
Skin care may have many nooks and crannies, ups-and-downs, but one things is for certain.  Men are new consumers of skin care products, and they are here to stay.  As long as the buying habits of men stay consistent, companies will continue to formulate new products to suit their tastes.