Through the advances that have been made in technology, there are many medicated creams which include medicated ingredients as the active ingredient that can be prescribed by a physician or dermatologist to reduce the appearance of wrinkles within the facial area.

It is important to understand what wrinkles are, where they come from and how they can be prevented before seeking pharmaceutical help to deal with lines that have appeared on the face. As a direct result of aging, the environment and the sun, there may be lines or sagging which can occur through the facial skin. Some of these lines are considered to be fine lines, others are lines in which can become deeply embedded within the skin, leading to hard-to-hide wrinkles.

Of the many treatments which are available for the eradication of wrinkles from the skin – most treatments use ingredients which can plump the skin, reducing the appearance of the deep lines and wrinkles that have been created. Some of the most effective forms of wrinkle creams are available through a physician with the use of a prescription. These strong wrinkle creams demonstrate the most positive effects and can help the patient to offset the unhealthy appearance of the skin through increasing the collagen levels which are provided and plumping the skin to reduce the wrinkled appearance.

The most common treatment which is prescribed by a physician is the use of topical treatment which is applied directly to the skin and has the ability to change the composition of the first one to two layers of the skin, sometimes deeper, depending on the ingredients which are found in the wrinkle cream. These topical treatments are highly concentrated and therefore highly effective. Patients that are using physician-prescribed topical treatments can generally see results in as little as four to six weeks after beginning the course of treatment.

Upon your first visit to the physician to discuss wrinkles as well as the treatment options which are available for the facial skin, it is important to outline the goals as well as the questions that you may have about the treatment.

Some common questions that can be asked of the physician before beginning the course of treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the face include:

Are there any side effects that the patient should be aware of while using the anti-wrinkle treatment? One of the most common side effects includes sensitivity to sunlight and therefore the treatment must be used in conjunction with a highly effective facial sunscreen to avoid negative results.

How long until results can be seen from using the topical treatment and what are the common results that are seen from patients? Be sure that the results that can be seen from using the treatment are in line with the expected results and goals for the facial skin, to prevent disappointment.

How long is the improvement going to last that is seen in the skin? In most cases, the patient must continue to use the anti-wrinkle lotion in order to maintain the results that have been achieved through the facial skin.