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New Member

Itchy itchy fingers!!!

My eczema is back again! It’s so itchy I can’t help scratching my fingers. Even when it doesn’t itch, I don’t know why I scratch myself at night. So you can just imagine what my fingers look like in the mornings. After a few days of itchy, my hands are covered with tiny blisters that even contact with water hurts.  I’ve applied the cream that cured the condition before but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Is it possible for my eczema to evolve into a new kind, just like a virus does?! What should I do? 

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1 Answer

  1. Your condition looks like Pompholyx or dyshidrotic eczema to me. Sweat and several other irritant factors might more aggravate the condition so try to avoid the aggravating factors, detergents and harsh soaps. Apply potent steroid for 3-4 wks along with oral antihistamines for 3-4 wks . Try