Did you know that each and every one of you can help others as they do their best to look young, have a healthy lifestyle, and have wrinkle-free, smooth skin?  You may not see it with your own eyes, but trust me that there are ways you can help others.  I’ll show you a few ways you can touch on the lives of others, that you may not even know about.

1.  When you peruse the Internet, whenever you find an open forum or website that allows you to comment or add your own opinion on a matter, go ahead and do so.  You may think it is a waste of time, but your opinion is potentially read by thousands of people across the world.  If you give a good opinion on a diet, talk about some physical fitness tips, or even give an eye cream review, you are helping people direct their purchases and efforts into those distinct categories.

2.  Every time you have a good experience with an anti aging skin care product, document it.  I’m not saying you have to get a scribe to stencil it into your wall, but it’s always best if you record things like this for use at a later time.  Maybe you found a great cream to moisturize your skin.  Maybe you cured your wrinkles after you bought a wrinkle cream you bought from a tv ad.   When you make a good discovery, tell people about it.  You can tell them out in public, at the country club, or you can even follow the above method and go ahead and write an in-depth wrinkle cream review.  Telling people about the product, whether they are close personal friends or complete strangers, can go a long way in helping them in their own experience.

In general, when you have a good experience with a product, let it be known.  Sure, you want to have the youngest face at the Senior Citizen’s card game each week, but why not help out your peers?  When you spread the word about a product, you really do help society.  You may not see it firsthand, but the overall spending habits of millions of people will in the end direct the formulators of the products.  They may improve the product and make it even better, or they could totally revamp an already-successful product and just take it to the next level.  There are so many ways your opinion spreads like a good rumor.

On the other end of the stick, if you have a bad experience, you can always talk about that as well.  Writing letters, as old school as it may sound, does have an impact.  When you get a well-written, objective letter to the person who makes decisons, you should get a reply.  A bad experience affects not only a companies bottom line, mostly because you, Joe Customer, are unsatisfied, but it also hurts their corporate image as a whole.  If you really do feel strongly about a product or just had a bad experience you want to let them know about, by all means, write them.