Ever wondered, how to whiten teeth at home? Well, there are tons of teeth whitening products in the market today, but knowing which one would work for you is the real question. To be honest, it is actually beneficial to read reviews on the various teeth whitening products which can be used at home, because only then would it be easy for you to know which whitening product would work best. For some people who have sensitive gums, it is important that you read the ingr

edient that goes into the whitening solution. Some gels may be a little hard on the gums, so it is important that you test out any product that you are going to be using. Now, it is important that you consider all the best teeth whitening products before you actually choose one.

Paint-on Teeth Whitening – This is one form of teeth whitening solution that many people have tried and prefer over others, because it is quite simple to use. The Colgate paint-on teeth whitener is known as Simply White. The whitening agent that helps clean your teeth is known as peroxide solution, which is what the paint-on product is added with. The peroxide based paint on solution should be kept on your teeth for a minimum of thirty minutes, and you will begin to see color changes within the first six weeks of continuous use. If you skip days in between, it will not have the best effect on your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Strips – One of the very popular whitening strips known as Crest White strips has been around for several years now, and they do seem to work quite well. The white strips are coated with peroxide solution on one side. This side is to be placed against your teeth, on both the bottom and top. You should leave the strips on your teeth for at least thirty minutes, and within this time; it will automatically dissolve with your saliva. Before applying the teeth whitening strip, you should first brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. This would ensure the best results in the end.

Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Trays – A good solution for some people, but could get a little messy at times. When home teeth whitening solutions were brought to the market, the teeth whitening tray was the first one. The tray has a peroxide whitening system which whitens your teeth, within six to eight weeks. Some people dislike using teeth whitening trays, because it really is a lot more work. If you are looking for a simple solution for whitening and cleaning your teeth; you might want to consider teeth whitening gels, pens and strips.

A newly launched teeth whitening pen is the Idol White system, introduced by the Kardashian sisters. The Idol White teeth whitening pen has been proven to be both safe and effective for people who have yellow teeth. The pen uses a peroxide cleaning agent mixed with several harmless chemicals to give you that dazzling bright smile. In essence, there’s tons of tooth whitening options available in the market to whiten teeth at home, so you should do some research before buying into any one of them.