Corn are acquired area of thickened skin that appear over sites of repeated or prolonged trauma of the skin.The lesion arises due to prolonged repeated friction pressure over a time and are associated with poorly fitting footwear or any other anatomic deformities. Poorly fitting shoes are thought to be the most common cause. They usually cause a constant dull discomfort or a severe knife like pain on downward pressure.

They can be easily removed with debridement of the lesion with a curette.You may also remove yourself  at home. For this you need to understand few point before you start treatment, which will be discussed here.

  • Get a 40% salicylic plaster and cut it in a way slightly larger then the corn lesion.
  • Apply the felt pad to fit around the lesion and leave it overnight or as long as 5-7 days if you have thick lesion.
  • After considerable amount of days remove the dressing and soak the foot in water.
  • Get a rough towel or pumice stone and remove the whitened, softer and macerated skin.
  • You can re-apply the plaster as often needed to keep the lesion flat.

If you have any underlying disease like diabetes, caution should be taken for any infection,ulceration or sepsis.Removal of corn only treats the problem but doesn’t treat the cause. So poorly fitting shoes or any anatomical deformation should also be corrected.

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