If dark armpits are spoiling your wish to show off the  sleeveless dress or jazz up the oomph factor with spaghetti tops, don’t worry. There are some solution on How To Remove Black Armpits. There are some sureshot remedies to vanish them forever.

Though there is no medical reason behind someone having dark armpits, expert say that mostly all joints like knees, elbow and armpits are dark compared to other body parts. ” There is a scientific reason behind why a person has dark underarms but the fact is that mostly all joints are dark,” Apollo Hospital senior cosmetic surgeon Anup Dhir said.

Experts also revel that excessive use of hair-removal creams and shaving are major factor causing darkening of armpits. ” Waxing is the best hair removal option for the area under arm. Shaving and hair removal creams are bad idea because shaving doesn’t remove hair by the root and the chemical present in the hair removal creams result in discoloration of skin under arm,” beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain said.

Other than shaving and hair removal creams, use of deodorants and perfumes directly on the skin leads to darkening of the area further. According to Kaya Skin Clinic’s dermatologist Hema Pant, people have this misconception that excessive underarms sweating result in darkening the armpit area. “Sweat has no direct relation with darkening under the arm area. But, yes, it has an indirect role. People use deodorants and  perfumes to get rid of body odour which in turn makes the armpit area darker if they use it directly on their skin,” she said.

In terms of treatment, market are flooded with various options starting from the permanent hair removal treatment to body peel and from botox treatment to some skin lightening creams.

According to Dhir, peels like spa body do wonders in lightening the skin tone of that area,if one is not facing excessive hair growth or under the arm skin problems.

” Spa body peels removes blackness of armpits. This is a moderate to extensive exfolation, which needs around 4-6 sittings to see the result.” said Dhir.

” One should also use sunblock creams in this area to prevent their further darkening,” Dhir explained. While many peoples are opting for these treatments, there are many who still stick to the home remedy and for them Shahnaz Hussain has a simple mantra. “Mix besan (Gram flour ),curd, lemon juice and a little turmeric juice and apply at least three times a week under arms. Wash it off after an hour. It will definitely work wonders”.

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