Many women  suffer from the problem of cracked and chipped nails which can often be quite difficult to avoid due to the toll taken on them by housework, incorret diet and incorrect filing. However, chipped nails are inclined to spoil the appearance. To maintain the good health and apperance of your nails, try the following :

  • To lessen the possibility of chipping try keeping the nails squarish or rounded and do not weaken the base by filing too much at the edges.
  • Warm olive oil massaged into the nails thrice a week helps to strength them.
  • Lemon peels rubbed into nails daily helps reduce the yellowish shade which most people want to avoid and also makes them smooth.
  • Another easy remedy for strengthening is to consume a teaspoon of gelatine with half a glass of water daily.
  • Calcium products helps to strengthen the nail-consume, plenty of dairy products like milk,cheese, butter, curd, etc. for the welfare of your nails since they are a rich source of calcium.