Are you struggling to get by with everyday activities with the fear that people may notice your large pores? For some people, this is a cosmetic issue worth addressing, as it could lead to other skin conditions in the future; primarily acne. When you have large pores, it makes it easier for infections, bacterium and makeup particles to seep into your skin. Once particles get beneath your primary skin layer, it may or may not cause skin reactions. Large pores are essentially openings on your skin, which may look like depth spots. The cause of large pores is still unknown, but much of it has been linked to DNA, genetics, exposure to the sun and increased bodily oil production.

A laser system is used to minimize large pores, as incisions do not help at all. Part of the treatment is done manually as well, through a process known as resurfacing. Prior to the treatment, you would be asked to completely wash down your face with warm water. When you face has been dried, a numbing cream would be applied about an hour before the procedure. The one hour wait time is to ensure that your skin and its pores absorb the contents of the cream. After an hour of waiting, the cream would have set well into your skin, so it is removed and laser treatment will begin. In most cases, the cosmetic procedure for treating large pores only takes about fifteen minutes.

minimize pores with laser

minimize pores with laser

The recovery period is only a few hours, as there is no real pain involved. You can get back to your everyday dealings right after treatment. However, even after your treatment; you will still not have all the sensation back on your face as it takes about an hour more to completely lose its effectiveness. Since a laser treatment was used on your skin, it may show a little redness or swelling, but it usually disappears after two to four days. During this time, the doctor may give you a prescription medication to ease the swelling and redness on your skin. One thing you need to remember is that makeup and lotions should be avoided for a few hours after treatment!

Through various sessions that are spaced out every two to four weeks, you would notice a change in the size of your pores. If you had wrinkles or lines on your face, this laser surgery treatment would have made it better as well. Since the laser beam imposes heat on your skin, it allows the sebum glands to become fully lose and tight again. When this happens, your skin would be less likely to show signs of aging. Going to the appointment sessions after your laser treatment is important, as this is how you will minimize your pores. Depending on the extent of the treatment, your costs will vary as well, so that is something you should definitely consider looking into!