Eyes are one of our most distinguishing features. The windows to our soul. Take a look in the mirror to see your eye shape and read on to discover how to maximise your best look. For each application, we use three terms – highlight ( the lighest shade), mid tone ( the next darkest shade) and accent (the darkest color).

Close set eyes are less than one eye length apart and tend to have a sultry yet an innocent look. To achieve your best look apply highlight shade to the brow bone,lids and inside corner nearest to the nose. Line your mid tone shade under your lower lashes just to inside end of the lash line. Still using the mid tone sweep color to the outside crease of your eyelid 3/4 of the way across the lid. Finish by lining the lower lashes with the accent shade (dark shade). Sweep the sccent shade across the upper lash and beginning at the outer corner and ending halfway across the lid.

Wide set eyes are more than an eye width apart . For your most beautiful look apply the highlight shade along the brow bone. Next, bring the mild tone accross the crease from the outer corner in and along the inner lid to make eyes appear close together. Begin just inside the outer corner in and along the inner lid to make eyes appear together. Beginning just inside the outer corner of the crease,sweep the accent shade along the lashline,accross the crease and up to just below the browline. Finish by lining the lower lashes. Do not extent color beyond  the outer corner of lower lashes.

Hooded eyes are those where the crease is not visible. To make these eyes pop, begin by applying highlighter to the upper lashline,the brow bone and the inside corner of the lower lashes. Apply the mid tone to the entire hooded area and accross the lid. Finish with the accent shade along the lower lashline,the upper lashline and from the middle of the the lid out to the outer corner. Well defined upper and lower lashes help hooded eyes stand out.

Standard eyes are a balance of all other set of eyes. To accentuate these eyes, apply highlighter to the browbone. Cover the entire lid with the mid tone. Finally by sweeping the accent shade along the crease from outer corner to the end of the inside lashline.

Finally complete each look with mascara.

Adapted from the material provided by CareFair.com

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