For those looking for a quick solution for their teeth whitening problem; laser teeth whitening could be a very good option. Laser teeth whitening is new and fascinating procedure. It is considered as a much quicker procedure than other conventional methods and provides immediate. You will notice a change on the color of your teeth immediately after the procedure.

There are tons of teeth whitening products on market, not all gives the same results and almost every whitening product takes times. So to accelerate and enhance the whitening effect heat activation of the bleaching agents by lasers are being introduced. They works by providing heat in the process of whitening resulting in quick break up of the highly pigmented carbon areas.

On normal condition laser assisted teeth whitening procedure last around 45 minutes including general examination of the teeth for any problems like caries, periodontal problems, endodontic problems, enamel cracks and fractures, oral hygiene etc. After reviewing your oral status and if you are a candidate for tooth whitening, initial preparations are done which are listed as below.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening

  • Your doctor will place cheek and lips retractor to facilitate the process
  • Initial photographs are taken for before and after results
  • Teeth pre-treatment like removing stains, plaque and debris is done in order to increase the effectiveness of lasers, as they may interact with the bleaching agents and reduce the effectiveness of lasers.
  • After the pre-treatment procedure is complete saliva aspirators and bite block are placed
  • Gingival protectors are placed in order to protect teeth from unwanted bleaching agents and lasers to surrounding soft tissues.
  • The teeth and gums are dried and bleaching gel is applied to the area.
  • After application of bleaching gels, teeth are than irradiated with lasers light at 20 second interval for each tooth and is repeated 2-3 times for every tooth.
  • After the laser irradiation is complete, the bleaching gel is removed and the area is rinse with water spray thoroughly
  • The color is checked and compared with the previous photograph and if the results are not desirable procedure may be repeated again immediately.
  • After the desired results are achieved, teeth are gently dried and after procedure photograph are taken.
  • Now you are ready to go home.


  • You may not drink or eat any colored drinks and foods for at least 72 hours after treatment. This may include smoking, coffee, tea, coke, red wine etc.
  • If the results are just satisfactory and not as you desired to be, the treatment can be repeated after 2 or more weeks.