Many people share this common trait of aging:  Dark circles under the eyes.  These are quite possibly the worst sign of aging that one could get on their skin.  They are ugly, they stand out, and they make us look tired.  Luckily, there are now some anti aging treatments that help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Before I get into how and why Haloxyl is the best ingredient currently on the market in many of the best eye serums money can buy, it’s important you understand how dark circles form and why we get them.

Fatigue is one reason we get dark under-eye circles.  Fatigue can come from not sleeping at the same time each night, or from staying out way too late at one or more points during the week.  Fatigue also can come from an athletic activity that physically drains you.

Hereditary reasons come into play as well.  Your ancestors and your parents traits do pass on to you over time and you can expect dark circles at a similar rate.  However, you CAN take measures to stop dark circles in their tracks and even prevent them from occurring all together.

Using an eye serum that contains Haloxyl is the first step.  Haloxyl is hands down the best ingredient used to treat dark circles under the eyes.  One product comes to mind right away, the Elite Serum, which is made in the USA by Elite Skin.  This under-eye product has won numerous awards and continues to get rave reviews on numerous health portals and authority sites.

Made by Sederma, a large company based in France, Haloxyl has received a good amount of attention in anti aging news.  Sederma has stated that Haloxyl is a synthetic ingredient formulated to reduce dark circles under the eyes. There are clinical studies published about this on websites containing haloxyl.   These tests show that the compound does well for the skin discoloration. The study referenced, in case you don’t take the time to read it, states that between 19% and 45% improvement was confirmed. Other studies outlined how Haloxyl enhanced and stimulated the natural elements in the skin and assisted in reducing the darkness and restoring the skin components that work to heal the skin and make it look refreshed.

If you have further information about Haloxyl, I suggest you visit Google and do some more research.  Many of the best eye serums out there are using it because of it’s success in treating the symptoms of aging.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging & skin care expert.  Her work is regularly posted on skin care websites and various blogs.