If you live down south, or somewhere the sun is always shining chances are you don’t look forward to the summer as it can bring excessive heat and a lot of rain.  In my neighborhood that us local folks call South Florida, we typically use a lot of air conditioning when driving as the humidity gets out of control and the heat index gets quite high.  Another thing I am starting to see a lot more of around South Florida is a respect for the sun.  As many people start “getting” the effects of the sun and what it can do to cause those nasty facial wrinkles, people are starting to wise up and use the best eye serum’s they can get their hands on in order to treat past sun damage while protecting themselves from the current conditions of the sun. One eye serum that has got a lot of attention as it’s made locally is the Elite Serum.

The Elite Serum is formulated with high-powered ingredients such as Haloxyl, Eyeliss, and Argirelene.  If you know your way around the skin care industry, you are are certain to have heard of Argirelene, as it’s a component of many of the best anti-aging formulas around and is called the best needle-free alternative to botox by many people in the industry.  In fact, many people flat out refuse to buy products that do not contain this powerful ingredient in the formula.  After argirelene, the serum I mentioned contains Haloxyl.  Haloxyl is the best known ingredient to fight dark circles under the eyes.  In fact, there is a story running in the Ft. Lauderdale paper that outlines a New York man’s trials with the Elite Serum.  Each week, the author, who has extreme dark circles under his eyes, documents his progress with the eye serum.  In a future blog post, I will update everyone as to his findings.  Lastly, you have Eyeliss, a rather unknown ingredient until just recently.  Eyeliss is used in the formula to deflate puffy under-eye bags that most people become concerned with as they age.

So what does this all mean to you?  Well, along with it’s other ingredients, resveratrol, gaba, and the acai berry extract, Elite Serum has formulated a product that will not only reduce the effects of current sun damage, but also prevent future sun damage from occuring to the eye area.  It’s best used as part of an overall sound anti-aging skin care regimen, and best used after an spf sunblock is applied toe the skin first.  Many people are starting to realize the benefits of using a daily under-eye cream.  I see people in South Florida using them during their commute to work, on the golf course, and of course, first thing and last thing in the moring, as the directions state.

So when do you need to start using an under-eye cream, you ask?  That’s a great question.  I suggest starting at age 30, although many dermatology minds will state that the best wrinkle prevention tactics start at age 14.  That’s quite early in my mind, but if you are following the school of thought that skin care should follow dental practice and be something more routine, you should at least be versed on how to prevent wrinkles and proper skin care tactics.