Since men began going to stylists for haircuts rather than their friendly neighborhood barber, they have learned that their more stylish cuts require more attention as opposed to what can be achieved from a combination of water and combing the hair out. Styling gel can make a man’s hair look great, regardless of the cut. For men that have an issue with thinning or fine hair, they often find that using Gel can create more body and it also controls any hair direction problems, otherwise known as cowlicks. Gel may also be the answer for men with curly, wavy, or relaxed hair. Certain hairstyles are perfect for the use of styling gel, such as Miami NBA Coach Pat Riley’s famous look.

At first, salons used women’s hair styling gels on men, which didn’t work out very well. One problem is that women’s hair gels typically have a strong styling “hold” that can cause dryness and flaking on men’s hair. Also, women’s styling gels often have flowery perfumes. Men may give roses but they don’t want to smell like one. Eventually, hair product companies began to develop formulas just for men. The men’s styling gels have light or medium hold that works best for men’s hair styles. Another advantage is that they have neutral fragrances that are greatly preferable for men. These gels, which are created specifically for men, can be used on wet or dry hair and work well for blow drying.

Be sure to look at the ingredients before using any styling gel. Botanicals, which are plants used for therapeutic purposes, are contained in the best men’s styling gels. Botanicals give hair more body and shine and make it look thicker. Good holding agents in men’s styling gels include carbomer and glycol. Be sure to avoid gels that contain alcohol because it can cause dryness and hair damage.

American Crew sells several men’s styling gels containing botanicals. One contains natural extracts of quillaja sapolaria bark, ginseng root, sage leaves. Another gel has lime, orange, spearmint, and peppermint botanicals. Another company offering men’s styling gels with botanicals is Kiehls, which was founded in New York’s East Village neighborhood over 150 years ago. Kiehls’ Clean Hold Styling Gel for men is enriched with silk powders, Vitamin E, and natural extracts. Other good products include Jason’s Hi-shine Styling Gel and Goldwell Definition Style and Shine Gel.

Clearly, men can now select among a variety of styling gels that really work for their shorter hair. They can choose hair products that make their hair healthy and strong with a manly fragrance. Guys can finally say goodbye to women’s hair products and start making use of styling gels designed specifically for men