People face a lot of embarrassment once warts start to appear on their skin. They go through stress and discomfort even when the warts are concealed since they show up at visible places. Warts turn up often when you are least expecting them and suddenly your entire concentration gets diverted on how to get rid of them. Mostly people turn towards various wart removers and medication not knowing that there are things that can be done to remove warts before opting for any wart remover.

Basically warts are infection that the skin is suffering due to many reasons. Sometimes they just go away without any treatment and sometimes they stay even if you treat them in any way possible. They often show up at the soles of the feet and various other parts of the body. Warts are contagious and can spread quickly so one needs to be careful all the time. When you find warts appearing on your skin then you should not hassle to get wart removers or other medical treatments because there are some ways of removing them with out spending huge toll of money on commercial products.

What you can do is cover the wart with any kind of a first aid or medical tape; you can even use normal band aid and leave it on for around 3 weeks changing the bandage time-to-time. This act has been proved vital in getting rid of warts. A study even proved duck tape to be useful, a piece of duck tape measuring exactly the size of the wart can be put on in the same manner and when removed after 2 or 3 weeks 80 percent results show that the warts gets cured. Freezing the wart has given 60 percent results as well, which is of course the most common and the standard method to cure warts. What you do is place a piece of tape over the wart for around a week and soak the wart in water after removing it. Use a pumice stone or an emery board to gently scrape the wart in the end and leave it un-taped for the night; repeat it for around a month or till the wart disappears.

Other things such as rubbing the warts every day with white chalk has helped a few people or putting some iodine time-to-time every day on the infected area can be a good idea. You can even use glue on warts, leave the applied glue for as long as it stays there and then gently scrape it off and put some more again. Rubbing garlic dices over warts is a traditional way and highly acclaimed remedy for getting rid of warts.

These are just some things you can do before opting for any wart removers saving you money and time both and most importantly you can easily find these things in your own home.