Our eyes say a lot about us, as it is one of the predominant features of our face. From facial expressions to distinct eye correlation, people can really understand someone using their eyes. For many people, the eyes are one part of the face that begins to show several signs of aging, whether it may be baggy eyes or dark circles under the eyes. The signs of aging will vary from one person to the next, but people will begin to notice changes throughout their mid 20’s. This occurs when the skin under the eye becomes so lose, that it has begun to hang rather than stretch.

The most commonly known reason as to why someone may experience these baggy eyes or dark circles is due to sunburn. Exposure to the sun is by far the most harmful for our skin, so it is crucial that you wear the proper concentration of sunscreen lotion. Additionally, the region below our eye lid has a certain amount of fat in them, as this is completely normal. When you drink or eat anything that contains high levels of sodium, it would cause the fat portion under the eye lid to absorb more water content. Increased water causes baggy eyes and people choose to remove it through cosmetic surgery.

With the proper laser surgery treatment, you would be able to get rid of puffy eyes, bags under the eye and dark circles below the lid. Through laser surgery, the bags would be removed without any incision. The laser beam is strong enough in draining fluid content within your body. The lymphatic system in our body is responsible for removing fluids in the tissue layers, so when you drain the fluid from below your eye lids, it goes into your secondary tissue layers. At this time, the lymph system takes action and begins draining the water content from within your tissue layers.

Chemical Peels

Getting Rid of Eyebags

Certain lifestyle changes have also been known to help with removing eye bags. Some of the things you can do to make sure that you are on the right track are; changing your sleep pattern or position. This is sometimes a short-term issue for some people as they just have not been getting enough sleep. When you have a fever or are very sick, it would also cause you to have puffy eyes. Before treating any of this through cosmetic surgery, it is important that you find out whether there is an underlying issue causing any complications. For many people, lifestyle changes have actually worked effectively, which then required no work at all.

Laser surgery is done with a high sensitive low power beam, which is safe to use around the eyes. A cover would be placed around the eye, to ensure that there are no reflections on your eye. In getting rid of eye bags, you should always consult with your dermatologist to know whether you have sensitive skin that may get a reaction to the laser treatment. For most people, laser surgery works with no apparent side effects, as you are given medications for post-reactions.