Have you ever sought out advice from a professional in the quest to have young-looking, fresh skin?  There are several websites online that offer free skin consultations, but none are better than a site I introduced a few weeks back called Skin Care Opinions.  This website, ran by a woman named Monica, offers skin care product reviews for many of the best anti aging skin care products on the market.  There are in-depth reviews on many products that are for sale both in retail and on the web.  Monica does her best to talk about the product in-depth, and at the end, if she has used the product, she offers her opinion.

It’s a pretty cool concept if you look at it from all angles.  She offers product advice and tips on everything from deep peels, to wrinkle creams, to eye serums.  I read some great anti-wrinkle cream reviews on her site and came to some new discoveries, which is very rare for me as I consider myself a know-it-all!  (he-he.)

Well, the coolest part of this experience is the fact that Monica, who is studying dermatology and works as an understudy to a renowned South Beach skin care expert, offers advice.  That’s right, she offers skin care advice.  If you are looking for an evaluation of your skin, you have found the right website.

Basically, Monica offers an easy to use form, where you can submit a recent photo of your skin.  You can submit skin from any part of your body, and Monica will evaluate it, tell you what she thinks you should do as part of a skin care regimen, and perhaps offer a product suggestion in order to help treat the affected area.

This skin care web 2.0 style site is really cutting edge.  I am very impressed with not only the service, but the layout of the site and the simplicity of the site.  It really is user-friendly and it is like no other site on the web.

So, how did my results go?  Well, I submitted a full facial shot, without any makeup, and had Monica give me a full evaluation.  She told me my skin was well-kept, could tell I am well hydrated, and saw that I am a freak for sunblock.  She did suggest to me a new anti wrinkle cream product that I had never heard of.  I am currently looking into that and as soon as I wait for Monica’s reply, I will post her suggestion here and of course, review it in depth.

This really is a nice website.  Whether you have acne, wrinkles, or other skin issues, you should get a skin care opinion.  It’s 100% free for now, but that may change in the future.