I'm from India and, I have been here for a business purpose. It's been only 3 months that I've joined this company. I had one of my front teeth bonded many years ago to match the shape of the other front tooth and, partially fill in a gap.
The dentist just added some compound to my existing tooth to match the shape and size. I've never had any problems with it. But yesterday morning when I ate an apple the bonding of the front teeth cracked and, I can't stress that enough. I even have to be careful about biting into pieces of meat or anything tough.
I have a business meeting next week and, I need to fix my tooth problem as soon as possible before the meeting. I just contacted a dentist in Burlington and, he advised me to take an appointment for tomorrow. But I'm not aware of the insurance policy and the cost for a dental procedure in Canada. Can anyone share your experience? How much would be the cost?