Memory loss is unusual forgetfulness. Memory loss is the process of losing the ability to store and recall information. One may lose the ability to remember current events, or talks and may not be able to recall one or more memories of the past, or both. The memory loss in adults may occur for a short time and or, it may not go away. The condition depends on the cause.

Head damage from a fall or mishap — regardless of losing consciousness — can cause memory loss. Stress, uneasiness or sadness can cause absent mindedness, disarray, trouble in concentrating and different issues that upset daily tasks.Illicit drugs can damage brain functioning and therefore, loss in memory.

Sleep deficiency or waking frequently in the night lead to fatigue that interferes in the ability to consolidate and retrieve information.
Another reason could be from depression or stress which affects the concentration power of the person, mind is over-stimulated or distracted, ability to remember is suffered.

Nutritional deficiency also causes memory loss. High nutrients, proteins and fats are essential to keep healthy mental health.

Stroke or blockage stops the blood supply to brain and causes memory issues. A stroke can cause short-term memory loss.

Dementia is the name for continuous loss of memory and thinking power that affects daily activities.