I have pain in my teeth whenever I eat hot or cold items. At first, I didn't give much importance. Later after some days, I found swelling in my teeth. When I consulted a dentist he said that the pulp inside the teeth is infected and that needs to be removed. So he suggested for root canal therapy. I can try anything under the sky, but my only condition is that I can't suffer from pain.
But my dentist said that there won't be much pain since modern techniques and solutions of anesthetic are being used. That was a relief for me. Since I have my exams, I don't have much time for treatment. Everything needs to be sorted out within one month. Now I think, I could have treated it at the early stage itself. Because of my carelessness, only things had become serious. Is there anyone here, who has undergone root canal therapy? Then please share your experience. That will be a great help.
Thank you!"