Rhinoplasty is only as safe as the surgeon whom you most carefully choose to perform the procedure. In the proper hands, the procedure is very safe.

Even the "simplest" of rhinoplasties are not "simple". Rhinoplasty is the most difficult of all facial plastic surgical procedures. Your surgeon must maintain the function of your nose while making the cosmetic changes that will result in an aesthetically pleasing nose. It is the art of sculpting using the most precious of all materials, human cartilage and bone. Even if the great Michelangelo chipped off a little to much marble, he could ask for a new stone, or alter what he was making. Unfortunately we don't have the option of starting over on a "new" specimen. Add to that that the nose is in the center of the face, and in most of the world not covered by clothing, and I never take a rhinoplasty lightly.

Research your rhinoplastic surgeon, take your time, and you should end up with a very safe procedure and a "simply" beautiful nose. Good luck and be well.