Wonder if anyone has seen something to what Iíve had for when over a few decades now. The way it typically happens is it starts as a small red dot that expands over time. As it grows bigger, the inside of the circular rash shows scaliness, while the outer border is raised and red. These rashes will last several months and expands in size especially with irritation. If it isnít touched or rubbed by towel or clothing, it will grow to a dime/quarter size and then recede. The picture Iíve uploaded is about a half dollar size. This is something I get typically in the summer time. Winter months it seems to be more dormant. Iíve had it for on and off for so long now. Dermatologist have not figured out what it is. Usually I only a few or less. If you know what this may be, Iíd appreciate your knowledge and wisdom in how to deal with this!

Thanks for reading!