The Ministry of Health and Prevention issued a notice on Saturday against utilizing skin helping creams advanced by web-based social networking influencers on the web.*

The Ministry said utilizing a portion of the skincare items without counsel from a specialist could present genuine wellbeing dangers.*

Dr Amin Al Amiri, collaborator undersecretary for general wellbeing arrangement and permitting at the service, said there was a developing interest among adolescent young ladies to utilize skin brightening items which has driven some web based life influencers to advance creams that ought to be regulated by therapeutic remedy.*

"A few organizations contact mold bloggers or influencers to elevate their items to build their deals. In this manner, there has been another checking technique for mold bloggers, influencers and suspected records via web-based networking media," said Dr Al Amiri.*

He said he had seen a video of a lady online who utilized three creams to brighten her skin.*

One of the items, Dermovate, contains a cortisone subordinate used to treat skin sicknesses yet Mr Al Amiri said the cream should just be utilized under the supervision of an authority.*

"The creams utilized by the lady contained cortisone that is utilized for incendiary skin maladies," said Dr Al Amiri.*

The lady additionally utilized Differin Gel which contains Vitamin An and is utilized to treat skin break out. The last cream utilized was Hi-Queen which Mr Al Amiri said isn't enrolled in the UAE and is in this manner not controlled.*

He said abuse of these creams could prompt loss of skin sensation, skin decay, tingling, change in skin shading and skin ulcers.

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