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Thread: Acne and diet

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    Default Acne and diet

    When it comes to food, i'm very passionate person about food.Lately my acne is breaking out.Is it because of my food obsession?

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    There is no any scientific evidence that support acne and diet. But yea too much of junk foods might harm your overall health. Be sure healthy food is good for your overall health and skin. But enjoy your favorite food.

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    I had acne until adulthood...and never succed completely with any treatment.

    Then I changed my lifestyle, not much the food, but concentrating on my work, being regular in taking decisions and so...

    One of the last theories is that acne are caused by increased activity of male sex hormones, and women also have a small amount of them.

    If your eating habits bother you, if you think you don't eat right, simply change something. Use your own intuition and common sense what to eat and what not. You may try with abandon one whole group of foods (like all dairy, or al fast food, etc). It's easy, decide and stick with it for some time. No need to make life decisions immediately.

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    Sorry to disagree here but The Academy of Dermatology has done research that shows that diet does affect how your well your skin does. It also does affect acne and other issues such as psoriasis. There are even psoriasis diets that are being tried at the present time in the holistic community.
    I would advise staying away from heavy fats, greasy or oily foods and increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. The research showed that Vitamins A, C, E,K and some minerals were very key in helping skin to be healthy.

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    Yeah, chicken and other food can cause breakouts. Aside from chips, chocolate and peanuts, I know that frappuccinos and mangoes can make you breakout. I guess moderation is still the key when eating. You can continue eating different types of food as long as you don't eat too much!

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    I think moderation is the key to keeping a lot of nasty things away from your health and life. It is either the Chinese or Japanese that have the old adage that health is life and life is everything in moderation. I have paraphrased here but that is the gist of what they believe and how they live.
    This is very true of diet and a lot of problems that come from overdoing!

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    This is very controversial topic. Just avoid junk foods and oily foods. That will help you healthy life.

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    thank you all for your views. but i'm still confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deeny View Post
    thank you all for your views. but i'm still confused.
    I think what the last few posts are trying to say is that any particular food itself causes acne but junky foods are not good for you overall and should be avoided or eaten in moderation for overall health. Every skin reacts differently to foods. For example. if you notice an increase in acne after eating chocolate or greasy foods (although its a myth that it causes acne) then eat less chocolate and greasy foods as they do not agree with your body. there is no cure for acne so overall good diet and health is something you can control. Goodluck.

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    Hi Deeny,

    How about trying a cup of green tea after taking meal? It is a typical and traditional Chinese method of detoxifying body and thus stopping certain types of acne. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help digesting the meal as well as detoxifying the entire digestive system. As a result, you will get rid of unwanted body-toxins that cause acne. And, no more becoming picky about your food habit!


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