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    Default How do fix my skin problems?

    I have really weird skin problems, especially on my face. My face is currently VERY dried out. My neck is extremely itchy and flaky and also very dry ; so are my eyelids (but there not itchy). . . But see i also have eczema so could i just be getting it on my neck? I just do not want to break out from putting normal lotion on it. Can anyone help me ?:confused

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    **Sherin Lloyd** Female

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    Sep 2013



    Aloe Vera Gel is great for eczema. You can add a pinch of turmeric and neem powder / neem oil for better results.

    You can soothe eczema with a Chamomile Tea tea ... just make a tea with dried leaves and apply it to affected areas using cotton. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off daily.

    There are many other options including using Wrightia tinctoria for severe eczema. Dilute with Coconut Oil to aoid charring of skin if it is a concentrated oil.

    Hope it helps!

    Take Care

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    **Emily Kristina** Female

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    Here's a list of things that will help you:

    1. Salt water. Now, not everyone can venture out to the ocean, but you can make your own salt water. Get a small cup of water and salt. It might tingle a bit, because mine always does when doing this, but it helps it really quickly. Try doing that once a day for a week and see if it works for you.

    2. Just keeping it moisturized everyday. If you can find a good brand of lotion that doesn't make your eczema sting, use it everyday.

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    **rechal** Female

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    First of all you should not use hot water it will increase drying of your skin. The best solution is use essential oil. It will help you to find a solution for all your problems. Especially you may use lavender oil. Lavender oil is one of such oils which can be used for any problem. You can get a beautiful skin with the help of this oil. The only thing you are supposed to do is just use it with your lotion. You may even mix this oil with carrier oil and apply it every night before going to bed.

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    **Emma Brown** Female

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    Jul 2013


    Here are a list of dos and don'ts:

    Things not to do:-

    Don't use biological powders
    Don't use fabric softeners
    Don't use soap or detergents to wash with
    Don't use standard shower gels or bath additives

    Things to do :-

    Try Fairy Snow -the old fashioned powder
    Use dryer balls
    Use a soap free cleanser to wash hands etc.
    Use a moisturising shower gel like Oilatum
    Use a moisture bath additive like Aveeno
    Use a good moisturiser like Aveeno
    Use it very frequently, you can't over-moisturise!
    Use antihistamines for itch, a non sedative one like loratidine in the morning and a sedative one such piriton at night.
    You may need to use steroids creams/ointments for flare up areas. Use the mildest you can, for the shortest time possible.

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    **Tara** Female

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    May 2013


    Hi. Here's something very simple and it works! First, get your hands on a small bag of organic, dried chickweed herb.

    *Boil about 2 to 3 cups water for 5 minutes

    *Remove from heat. Put about 2 to 3 tablespoons of the dried chickweed herb into the water and allow to steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

    *Strain herb from water.

    *Soak a clean, soft washcloth in the liquid, then wring out and gently massage onto affected areas as needed. Be sure the cloth is not too hot, but warm.

    Repeat this daily as needed until desired results are achieved. Also, you may want to apply one of the following: Evening primrose oil, Shea butter or Hemp seed oil onto dry, affected areas of skin after cleansing it with the chickweed solution. This can work for you, but you need to be consistent, if you want to help your skin. This remedy is not hard to do, nor is it expensive and full of toxic chemicals.

    These inexpensive ingredients can be found at the above websites or at your local health food, grocer or drugstore. Btw, chickweed herb and the oils mentioned above has been proven to be exceptional for the treatment of eczema and extremely dry skin.

    You may want to do a search using the following search terms: "chickweed skin benefits", "chickweed for eczema", "evening primrose for eczema", etc. By doing a search, you can see for yourself how well these ingredients can help your skin condition. Hope this helps.

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    **nimra shehzadi** Female

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    May 2012


    Invicible scars is a great brought for evening out skin tone. I use it to fade dark spots and blemishes and it works effectively. Also, it's great for all scars and stretch marks and also hyper pigmentation as far as i have noticed.

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    **almaxu** Female

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    Dec 2013


    I think you can go to dermatologist look at this situation ,
    the doctor will give you a better answer ,
    and don't mess with cosmetics.

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    Really nice tips I think home remedies are better option for skin problems rather using skin care products.

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    **kevinkrieger** Male

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    Nov 2013


    Drink plenty of water. Drink 8 to 10 glasses daily to keep your skin hydrated. Also get enough sleep.

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