Going to try and paint the best picture I can, for some reason I can not post the picture. Going to try and limit crudeness where possible.

I have these little white bumps on my glans penis. They become prominent when the surrounding tissue becomes engorged and raise very slightly. They do appear to have an "opening" that is offset from the white bumps. I have had these for as long as I can remember, discovered 5 of them when prepubescent. I have been able to squeeze some waxy white stuff out of the largest, not all of it because pain, and it refilled later. No itching. Had a tight circumcision, during puberty had some skin tears along circumcision scar while growing, penis started retracting while flaccid around the time that stopped and sometimes appear uncircumcised. From some research I have done having this additional skin covering can thin the skin of the penile glans and mine has become smoother and the bumps more prominent with the surrounding skin being pinker. My sexual activity could be called uneventful, and they predate any sexual activity. The only inflammation experienced was after a very vigorous attempt at squeezing one, which subsided after a normal period of healing.

Is there any at home treatment I can do for these? I think they are unsightly and they have not gone unnoticed by others. I have thought about trying some ache treatment but am unsure if the treatment would penetrate since the opening is offset from the bumps.