Understanding Acne

The right understanding would eventually lead to the right treatment. Sometimes there could be more than one reason. Some of the reasons could be medications, excessive oil production, pregnancy, bacteria formation, heredity and hormonal changes.

See the Doctor

If you are suffering from either moderate or severe acne cases, then it is advised that you take an expert's advice, so that specific cases of acne can be cured. The professional would recommend remedies like ointments, creams, face cleansers, facial washes, chemical peel offs and other oral medications.

Battling acne every day

It is important that you stick to specific acne cleansing rules and maintain proper hygiene. If proper and healthy care is not resorted to, it would aggravate the situation. Use mild facial cleansers for cleansing your face. Avoid pricking and picking your acne. Drink enough water helps in flushing out toxins and poisonous substances from the body and lends a radiant and glowing look to your skin. Avoiding heavy makeup is another way to keep your skin clean and healthy. Ensure that you wash away the pancake make up before going to sleep with plain water. Heavy make up could be a major cause of acne formation. Hence, it is advised that you avoid makeup if you are suffering from acne as it could aggravate the situation. Stress also leads to fresh breakouts of acne. People who are highly stressed also are prone to getting acne. Mentioned below are four time-tested tips for getting rid of Acne:
Hydrate your skin Drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily helps in keeping your skin well hydrated. The toxins are thrown out of the body and it lends a glowing look to your skin and face. There is the improvement in your skin texture and skin tone. Drinking enough water helps in stimulating the growth of cells and also helps in filtering toxins which are harmful to the skin.

c) Green Tea: Green Tea is a rejuvenating drink which helps in cleansing your skin and body, both from outside and inside. Green tea also serves as a topical application cream since it penetrates deep into the skin and helps in preventing the further breakout of the acne.
Avoiding Excess Oil: People with oily skin should avoid using creams with an oily base. Creams and moisturizers with oil further add to the acne problem. Oil clogs the pores and it would lead to the fresh breakout of acne. Hope these tips will help you to cure your acne more effectively and efficiently.