Sadly not.

There are over 100 types of cancer, and each of these is experienced differently by the patient. The following factors, among others, all impact on how a cancer is treated:

how aggressive the tumour is;
what stage it was caught;
whether it has metastasised;
where these metastases are, and;
the age, health and fitness of the patient.
Whatever the cancer involved, providing it can be surgically removed, in its entirety, then, to me, that cancer can be thought of as cured.

Sometimes, cancers that have metastasised can be treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc, and a patient can be declared as ‘cancer free’. In due course, this patient can be classified as being ‘in remission’. Neither of this things is the same as being ‘cured’.

So, while it is possible to cure certain cancers in certain individuals, it is not possible to cure all cancers at this time.