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    Default What are the major causes of breast cancer?

    Breast cancer risk is highest for those who are in industrialized countries. The large majority of breast cancers are lifestyle related.

    High calorie intake leads to early puberty and breast development. Delaying child birth for education and career lead to many extra years of estrogen stimulation of immature breast tissue. When women have babies and nurse for a long time, that estrogen stimulation is stopped and the breast feeding results in maturation of breast tissue. This factor is a very important risk factor and may account for about one third of the higher breast cancer risk in developed countries.

    Obesity and lack of exercise contribute to another one third (or more) of the risk. This is because obesity and lack of exercise result in higher blood sugars and higher insulin and estrogen levels. Insulin is an very effective cell growth promotor. Estrogen stimulates breast tissue.

    Many women are under the impression that they can’t get breast cancer because they don’t have anyone in their family who has had it. That’s a very wrong misconception. 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a first degree relative with breast cancer. Only 5–6% of breast cancer is due to an inherited breast cancer gene like BRCA.

    There is some data to suggest that alcohol contributes to risk as does smoking, but to a much smaller degree than the other risk factors.

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    Although an appropriate causes of breast most cancers are uncertain, we realize the primary risk elements. Nevertheless, most women taken into consideration at excessive risk for breast cancer do now not get it, even as many and not using a acknowledged threat factors do expand breast most cancers. Some of the most enormous elements are advancing age and a family history of breast most cancers. Threat will increase for a girl who has positive forms of benign breast lumps and will increase extensively for a woman who has previously had cancer of the breast or the ovaries.

    A girl whose mother, sister, or daughter has had breast cancer is to three instances more likely to develop the sickness, specifically if multiple first-degree relative has been affected. Researchers have recognized genes responsible for a few times of familial breast most cancers. Those genes are called brca1 and brca2. About one lady in two hundred consists of the genes. Having considered one of them predisposes a lady to breast cancer but does no longer make certain that she will get it.

    Normally, ladies over age 50 are more likely to get breast cancer than more youthful women, and african-american ladies are much more likely than caucasians to get breast cancer before menopause.

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