I think dermatalk's the perfect place to ask about it! Just to share a bit of background, I was knocked down by a car as a ten year old. Luckily it was minor cuts and bruises and I split my knee open. I can still remember the doctor sewing it up with thick black thread and letting me cut the stitches myself and pull them out with blue plastic curved scissors once it was healed.

Anyway, I now have a scar that's about the size of a nickel on my knee. The skin on it is unusual. It's very smooth, didn't thicken and is opaque in color like pale marble. Every time someone sees it for the first time they say "why did your skin not grow over that?" and I have no answer for them.

My son calls my see-through scar. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why it's so different from any others I have.