I had a very itchy rash for 10 days, on my limbs and face. I went to the GP who looked at it and said it was scabies, I was grateful for a diagnosis, until I looked online about how it is spread. I lead a very solitary life, don't work or travel, don't share bedding/towels, live alone and only really see people when walking the dogs. I think the last time I had physical contact was when I had my blood pressure taken about 2 months ago and from what I've read scabies mites aren't the Usain Bolts of the parasite world. By the time I read this I'd picked up the prescription (anti-histamine, steroid creme and the de-bugging cream) but not used it. The are still bumps on my skin but they don't really itch now unless I get really hot. In a certain light (not sure I could capture it on a photo) there is what seems to be a crooked line of bumps by a knuckle. It is this which is making me wonder, although to be honest it could also be an old scar that I never noticed before! I butchered a biro to do a DIY ink test and there was no staining.Do I go "better safe than sorry" and apply the cream but risk inflaming the skin again and driving myself barmy with the itching or "watch and wait" to see if the rash appears again? Luckily, having so little contact with people I can afford to be selfish because I'm not going to infect anyone else. Of course if it isn't scabies, for the above reasons and because the rash got worse every time I had anything to eat or drink, then I have no clues about how to prevent it from happening again but I don't have any allergies or asthma so my fingers are crossed that I'm not particularly prone to long-term allergy problems.