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    Default Are there fabrics that exacerbate eczema?

    I was just wondering if anyone finds that particular fabrics or materials exacerbate or irritate eczema more than others in clothing, bedding etc. Anything to be avoided?

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    In "itchy pants syndrome" you get rash if you wear new "pants" without washing them before the first use. The problem here is not in fabric itself, but probably in some substances used in final phases of clothe production.

    Wool can often cause or aggravate eczema.

    Rough flax may physically iritate skin, I've tried with one shirt, oh my.

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    I hate wool as well. I don't know any particular fabric that is bad for eczema, but I don't like rough ones. In some wool or acrylic garments, the thread even sticks on my skin's dry patches and causes it to bleed! Anyway, I love silk, satin, and cotton. Those are the safest fabrics in my opinion.

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    Becareful, you may be also allergic to some synthetic fabrics, who knows what the manufacturers use sometimes. Skin is very sensitive particularely if you've got eczema.

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    Default Are there fabrics that exacerbate eczema

    Oh, ok Ill try that out. My daughter now 5 has eczema on her scalp. Tried some different treatment with no luck. Anyway, other than that is there anything else like other very effective medication/cream, etc that you know of?

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    there is something for excema called dermarest over the counter. i have read some reviews on this product and it seems to help. it has a topical anesthetic in it to help with the itch cycle. i have not tried it just read about it. but i think its ingredients are good for dry itchy skin.

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    Hi Kay, I'd recommend staying away from synthesized fabrics as these can be irritating to the skin. Maybe try organic fabrics like bamboo fibre as they're naturally anti allergenic and anti bacterial too! Type bamboo-textiles into google and have a look. good luck!

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    Avoid clothes and bedding made out of rough or synthetic fabrics..
    That's just one of the things you must avoid,

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    My daughter has had eczema almost since birth. We use Aveno and since the age of 3 she can chant- moisturize, moisturize,moisturize!! I must watch everything her clothes are washed in and always use the same soaps, conditioners, basically anything that touches her skin. She chooses to wear only soft cotton clothes and has always refused to wear anything she claims is 'itchy' the same with the soap, we don't stray far from what she likes. On a side note, since she started riding horses,she is incredibly likely to catch ringworm. The ringworm cream thins her skins, the eczema breaks out and the cycle continues. Anyone have any ideas of how to combat it? It would be appreciated!!


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    i wonder why the ringworm creams thin her skin? they are not steroid creams but anti fungal creams. i have checked in my books (merck manual, facts and comparisons) no where does it say that anti fungal creams thin skin. so you are safe there. maybe your daughters immune system is disturbed. that is what usually causes skin lesions. i don't think it is the cream itself. i am not a doctor but i have worked in a pharmacy for 32 years and i am a compounding pharmacy technician. i checked all my data and no where did i find any anti fungal cream to thin your daughters skin. i have psoriasis and i know how hard it is to cope. have her wear long sleeves and pants so her skin doesn't touch the horse. have her wash her hands before and after brushing the horse or giving the horse hugs. well care for horses are less likely to cause fungal infections. vitamin d3 is very good for the immune system but i don't know how old your daughter is. ask your doctor to do blood work to see if she has enough vitamin d3. best of luck. oh by the way the creams used to treat excema breakouts are steroids. these can cause skin thinning.

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